Wonderful Things are Happening!

I hope everyone is safe and healthy! Can you believe it is July! We are halfway done with a crazy year and hopefully we can finish it better than we started!

New Parachute Dress!

Because your occasions are special, lets make them magical!

This parachute can be used with any dress or top to give your pictures a dramatic and whimsical effect. I have a great video that demonstrates how this works on Instagram. I can edit the colors to your liking.

In this picture we added it to a maternity gown but it can be used with wedding dress or formal prom dress or a shirt. Whatever our minds can dream up. Lets play!

I have been really busy and did not deliver on the small shoots that I wanted to offer this year but I have had many request for different locations which has been wonderful to be familiar and be able to offer you services a these wonderful locations:

  1. Hightower Falls in Cedartown GA

2. Cochran Mill Park-Chattahoochee Hills GA

4.. Serenby -Chattahoochee Hills GA-Pictures next blog post.

These locations each have unique qualities of there own and I know that your family would love visiting each of these for a special shoot that will deliver pictures to fill both yours and your loved ones home.

I am Published!

After submitting several of my pictures for publishing, I am so happy to share that I have now been published 4 times:

  1. Senior Portraits by Golden Exposure Magazine

  2. Beach Engagement by Color Shot Magazine

  3. Hero Shoot by Shutter Up Magazine

  4. Headshots by The Photograp(her) Magazine

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for your support for my business! You are appreciated more than you will ever know! Thank you for trusting me with your family and know that I am growing my talents and abilities to better serve you!

Question: What do you want to see for the holidays/Fall?

I will have a bakery set up in my studio with bakers apron and hats

What else would you like to see?

Would you be interested in a Santa Shoot or Santa Party? Maybe a Santa party with story time, cookies and pictures?

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