Sewing Photographer!

When I started working as a full time photographer in October of 2019, I never thought that I would be sewing face masks in March 2020. I realized the severity of the COVID-19 Pandemic 2020 when I read about what was happening in NYC and how they did not have the proper supplies to keep them safe. I saw how the nurses were getting sick and some were even dying. As everyone else, I was heartbroken. We were waiting on the virus to manifest in Georgia. I also thought about my niece that is a nurse and neighbors and friends that work in the healthcare industry as well. As I read a call for help from our local hospital to sew face masks, I turned to my husband and told him that I wanted to do this, but I had lost my sewing machine in a house fire two years ago. He told me to order one and to also order the supplies that he would fund this project. Supplies turned out to be a challenge as well, finding elastic and the right color thread had all sewing face mask getting creative by using whatever we could possibly find such as elastic headbands and light or dark thread rather than the actual color needed.

While I was waiting on supplies, the hospital asked that we reach out to our first responders to assist them because of the great response that they received for sewing facemask. When I finally got started sewing it was the week of March 30th. Below is what we were able to accomplish 4 weeks of sewing face masks. Seed money from John Chance 1K (My husband is the best) and other contributions from Becky Winkles, Yolonda Jusino, and Debbie Dubose Anthony. I supplied the labor and Lucas did the errand and post office runs. Because of the joint efforts of all involved we were able to assist the following Heros with 262 face masks total:

  • Professional Park Medical Services West Georgia Ambulance LifeLine EMS Ambulance Ansley Park Health & Rehabilitation Amedisys (Home Health Care) Haralson Nursing and Rehabilitation And many individual facemask to frontline/elderly patrons

Thank God for manufacturers that started making face mask to keep up with the now growing demand for these to help us stay safe during Pandemic 2020. Although we are uncertain of how all this will play out, as of right now I am able to clean up my sewing room and transform it back to my photography studio. Of course with great caution to stay safe.

If you currently need a face mask, just google 'facemask' and you will have a variety of designs to choose from at reasonable prices.

Here are some of the snapshots of the Heros that were helped. Not all of them could send pictures. Please remember each in your prayers as they continue to work the front lines and serve our community.

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