Why take family pictures!

Updated: Jan 13

The first thing we do when we experience a tragedy is look for the pictures to remember a cherished moment from the past. Often changes are a result of many life activities such as kids growing up, a marriage that gives you a son or daughter in law, the birth of a baby or grandbaby, or even the loss of a loved one. All these things that add or take away from your current family unit.

I never really thought much about my own family pictures until I had a child of my own. It was then that documenting my child’s every move, habit, and cute behavior became so important to me. And so did my love for photography.

When looking for family photos, I only found the occasional snapshot or school pictures. or only a few birthday pictures with my family. It really hurt not to have Family Photos of my entire family at different stages of our lives. This even hurts more when I lost my father to cancer when he was 42 years old. He never got to meet most of his grandchildren. I know that having him in pictures would be cherished as we recount stories and memories.

Below is an example of how my baby sister’s family has changed in just 2 short years. Both pictures were taken on Thanksgiving. (And please notice that my photography skills have improved! Just sayin’!) She has gained a son-in-law, a grandbaby, and her son now has a sweet girlfriend. What will this family look like in two more years?

I am proud to say that we now take pictures every Thanksgiving holiday. That is where the two pictures of my sister’s family were taken. Remember, not everyone will be excited to take pictures but believe me, they will one day cherish them when they look back on their moment in time.

Change is happening....What are you waiting for? Get your family together, call a photographer freeze your moment in time so you can cherish them forever!

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