Hero Shoot

My Hero Shoot gives active duty first responders and military a one time family photography session free of charge with additional savings for future shoots.

Early one Sunday morning our home in College Park, GA burned down. We were in a back room and barely heard the fire alarm over a TV show we were watching. When we opened the door to our bedroom our hallway was filling with smoke. My husband immediately ran to try and put the fire out in our kitchen where it started and he instructed me to call 911.

We barely made it out of the house before it was consumed with black smoke and flames. While we waited on the fire department, a policeman stopped and stood with us while we just watched the smoke and flames. I cried as Jon hugged me. I remember the officer apologizing because he wasn’t there quick enough, and that maybe he could have helped us save the house if he were there sooner. What a servant! The responsibility he took on just left us baffled. The officer could not have done anything, but he was so sweet. It was great having his support while we waited. I hate that I did not get his name, but his kindness left an impact on me forever.

I remember thinking that the firefighters were so young and eager to help. As they put on their heavy gear to rush into a burning home to try and save our belongings, I saw them save our community from the flame possibly spreading and getting out of control. The things we ran away from, they were running into! At one point a young man came out and handed me a picture of my baby sisters’ family that I had hanging on my wall in my living room. He did not have to do that and that was such a sweet gesture, it really meant so much to me!

A hero is an ordinary person facing extraordinary circumstances and acting with courage, honor and self-sacrifice. Thank you to all that serve selflessly and courageously to keep our community safe! You are my hero!

So I give Hero Shoots to my heroes. It is a small gesture of appreciation for the service to our communities!

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