'Do more than belong; participate. Do more than care; help.

Do more than believe; practice. Do more than be fair; be kind.

Do more than forgive; forget. Do more than dream; work." 

~William Arthur Ward~

I believe that God gives us gifts so that we can serve others.  I am very blessed with the gifts and abilities while using my camera and I want to serve you and our community.

As I worked many years volunteering in our community, I understand how challenging it can be to operate on the limited budgets of a non-profit.  Let me help you raise funds for your special events. For every $100 I earn, I will donate $25 to different charities in our community that serve our children.  All you difference makers: teachers, youth leaders and non-profits, call me and let’s work together to help get funds in your hands so you can make a difference and impact our community.

What this might look like:  We can collaborate to get something together for your group or you can refer me and your referrals will tell me to give donation to your classroom/organization. If you have other ideas, we can connect to see if they will work out.